BUJ COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

BUJ maintain and operate a Business Continuity Plan as part of our combined office procedures systems which is available on request. This page is dedicated specifically to the current unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

BUJ’s foremost consideration in the current context is for the health, safety and wellbeing of its staff, clients, and all collaborators. With this aim, BUJ are striving to fully comply with the recommendations of the governing bodies relevant to the specific geographical locations of our projects.

As a practice, we have adopted early measures and systems to ensure that all members of staff are able to work remotely in an efficient and collaborative manner in line with our internal QA procedures. To this effect, all members of the project team and support staff have direct remote access to our servers to ensure that all project processes can be carried out as normal whatever their geographic location. BUJ started to implement and rehearse remote working several days ahead of the UK government’s current stringent advice and policies.


 BUJs General Approach

  1. Identify how to protect staff and others from current COVID-19 risk
  2. Define and prioritise the critical functions of the business
  3. Analyse the emergency risks to the business
  4. Address team wellbeing


Ongoing Review

We are constantly reviewing how we can best support all stakeholders in the face of the rapid and constantly changing situation. BUJ senior management team teleconference regularly to review the measures the company has in place, with further impromptu meetings in response to relevant government announcements as they emerge.


Remote Working

To ensure the efficient and continuous delivery of our remote working during this period of social distancing, we have full capability IT systems back up in place. BUJ have been using remote IT services for over 5 years, therefore the current situation is not presenting us with unfamiliar operating conditions. As a result, we have not experienced remote working teething troubles, with the entire team fully operation within 24hours of our first test run.


Meetings, Visitors And Other External Interactions

BUJ have suspended all face to face meetings. In order to guarantee the continuity of existing working practices we have established a schedule of daily office-wide and internal project team meetings via ZOOM & Microsoft Teams as well as other forms of regular communications. External meetings are currently being carried out remotely via similar web-based processes. External communications, electronic mail, telephone calls etc. remain unaffected.

Where construction site attendance is required, this will be reviewed on a case by case basis and in line with the respective government’s policies, in particular those relating to social distancing. In such cases, we will require the contractor to evidence which COVID-19 related measures are in place and we will support our staff in their efforts to avoid public transport. As we all know, things are rapidly changing, and our internal policies will evolve accordingly.


Contacting BUJ

All our lines of communication (other than physical mail) are fully functional including our office number. Calls will be picked up remotely by our office manager, at which point your message will be passed on to the relevant person.

Please do not send post to our office address as we cannot guarantee that this will be collected in the foreseeable future. If you have sent important documents to our office before the 12th of March, can you please advise us in order that we can make appropriate arrangements.


Closing Statement

The protocols that BUJ have in place have thus far proven robust for the purposes of business continuity. Even the most resilient systems are vulnerable to unexpected technical/social/political issues out of our control. Should the need arise, we appreciate your patience and ongoing support while we all work towards building a better future through these unprecedented times.