Open House 2018

For Open House London 2018 we organised a walking tour of Fish Island and an accompanying ‘Fish Island Futures’ exhibition which invited 10 practices to contribute models and visualisations of their emerging proposals on the Isle. The tours were led by BUJ Partner Freddie Heaf & BUJ Associate Catriona O’Meara along with representatives from Ash Sakula, Hawkins\BrownHaworth TompkinsPitman TozerPH+, HWO Architects, Beispiel & the LLDC. In total 17 practice representatives were involved in the tours, providing invaluable insights at designated stops on our 21-stop route. The tours included access to the rooftop of the McGrath Offices, which forms part of our Wickside proposal with Ash Sakula Material Architects, where attendees were able to view many of the proposals already under construction (such as Haworth Tompkin’s Fish Island Village) or completed (such as Landolt + Brown’s Hackney Wick Station).

The ‘Fish Island Futures’ exhibition included over 20 models in 2 rooms from Ash SakulaBUJ ArchitectsHawkins\BrownHaworth TompkinsPitman TozerPH+, HWO Architects, Landolt + Brown & Material Architects. By supporting the extensive models with presentation boards, a handout & an animated projection, the exhibit aimed to provide a foundation for discourse between architects, planners, local residents & urban designers around the approach to emerging and future development on and around Hackney Wick.

With over 100 people attending the tours and in excess of 150 visiting the exhibition we would like to thank Open House, our practice representatives & all of our volunteers for what was an enjoyable, educational & rainy weekend.